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We Are Golden Phoenix Team

Found in September 2017, Golden Phoenix is one of the reputable startups in the cross-border e-commerce field.

Starting from a small group of young people who love e-commerce, after over 5 years of formation and development, we have achieved many brilliant successes in e-commerce.

With a customer-centric approach, we always strive to innovate and create to bring the best values ​​to our customers.

Vincent Do


Sammy Ha


Our Mission

Our goal is to establish ourselves as one of the premier Print-on-Demand brands from Vietnam in the United States.

our Vision

Our objective is to create a prominent Vietnamese Print-on-Demand brand on a global scale, contributing to the economic prosperity of the Vietnamese population and serving as a source of inspiration for Vietnamese enterprises aiming to excel internationally.

Additionally, we aim to build a substantial workforce comprising of “knowledge workers” proficient in various areas such as technology, English, digital marketing, and international customer service. This initiative will provide ample income opportunities for the young workforce of Vietnam.

Our Core Values

  • Constant Innovation: The primary cornerstone of our organization resides in the relentless pursuit of innovation and unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Customer Centric: Making customer-centricity our top priority.
  • Ambition to create values: Strive to engage in competition with competitors and achieve profitability by actively generating increased value for customers as well as the wider community and society.
our story

Our Story timeline

Let’s take a look back at the path we’ve pass

september 2017

The two co-founders initiated their business venture and established the company Golden Phoenix.

February 2019

Golden Phoenix is registered as a business entity in Vietnam.

september 2019

Golden Phoenix is registered as a business entity in Singapore.

before May 2021

Golden Phoenix operated on the Teechip platform, which offered features including payment processing, fulfillment, shipping, and customer service. At that time, the company was primarily engaged in product design and sales advertising.

From May 21/2022 – Now

Golden Phoenix independently set up, operated, and managed its own e-commerce websites for selling purposes.